What level of access do users need to all of the Workflow Manager Workspace Tables?

03-09-2017 12:52 PM
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  1. Select to connect to the Workflow Manager System tables as a specific user name or connect using individual logins. If you choose the Always connect with the following database login option, enter a user name and password (and the database if using SQL Server) that has access to all the Workflow Manager system tables. If you choose the Operating System Authentication option, ensure that all users accessing the database have access to all the Workflow Manager system tables. If you choose the Each WMX User will connect with their own database loginoption, you will need to add connection properties for each user.

I am having issues establishing database connections to the workspace for users other than sde.  What level of access do the users need to all of the tables.  Is granting this access possible in ArcCatalog using the ChangePriviliges tool or do I have to do this in PostGRS?

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Hi, what I understood that you need to know which better for the workflow to connect to the workspace (Geo Database that will be accessed from workflow manager throw ArcMap or creating a version for example).

if that what do you mean by your questions? my Answer is :

it depends on the business for the workflow. if you have many users in different departments for example and every user had permission for reading for some feature classes and read-write for other feature classes so you have to use the windows authentication.

when you add for example step to launch ArcMap for editing purpose, and you add the connection inside MXD which will be opened in this step with operating system authentication then the user run the step and will get all permissions from SDE permissions.

I hope this is clear enough if you need more details please reply on this to discuss how to apply this scenario


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There's a database design guide in the install that describes the minimum levels of required access for particular tables.


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