Validation Step - validating 2 fields on a job.

05-06-2012 08:23 PM
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Has anyone implemented a step where we validate one field against another? Maybe on a save properties? I have a case where a stamped property field has a designedbyuser field / value, and a revieweruser field /value - so we can't set the reviewer to be the designer. Has anyone done anything like this? Can we pass tokens through the executesql step?
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Hi Fraser,

There are a few ways to accomplish this:

At 10.0 and any 10.0 Service Packs:

1. Add a placeholder step in the workflow to let the user update the fields and save.
2. Add a custom step next in the workflow that verifies the updated field values. We provide necessary API to retrieve the field values.
3. Based on the verification outcome, the custom step can return different values, which will take the workflow different ways.

At 10.1, which is releasing shortly:
1. Add the new JTXDestopSteps.EditExtendedProperties custom step to your workflow. This brings up the extended properties form and the user has to update the fields.
2. Add the same validation custom step like in (2) above.

You cannot plugin into our Save Properties command.

About Tokens in the arguments for an ExecuteSQL custom step. Yes, that works.

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