Use WMX token in a question step

12-01-2015 10:36 AM
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Is it possible to use a WMX token as part of the question in a Ask Question step in a workflow?

For example "Are there additional errors with the linework edited for [JOB:NAME]?"

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Hi Chelsea,

Tokens are not supported as part of the question on a step. How often do you have to do this?

With what we have now, your question would have to formed as - "Are there additional errors with the linework edited for this job?"

Let me know if this is a critical requirement for your organization.



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Hi Tope,

We had actually investigated using question steps in the WMX Web Application as a workaround for displaying pop up notifications as part of a step. We have found that we have lost considerable functionality between the desktop and web WMX applications, in this case because pop up messages are not supported. We had hoped that by creating question steps and using tokens to enhance them, we could provide the user informative messages.

The example provided above was more for clarification of my meaning.

A true example of how we would want to use this would be to have a question step following the step creating a data reviewer session. The data reviewer session would be created and named according to job information (using tokens). In the question step we would have liked to provide the user a pop up with the data reviewer session id that was just created for the job. This way, the user would know their session id and could use that information to more easily enter a filter on their data reviewer table inside of the Road Characteristics Editor. This example would use the [REVSESSION:ID] token

Without this, the current process is to have to search through a long list of session unique values (not sortable) from within RCE and seek out the session name (based on the job id and job name).

The more critical requirement my organization has is to support pop up messages from within the WMX Web Application. That said, we have managed to design around these limitations thus far.

Thank you for your response.


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