Unable to run workflow!

03-25-2013 09:32 AM
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I have installed and configured workflow manager - including the repository which points to an Oracle database.  All seems to be fine insofar as I can create jobs and workflows and steps; however, I am having great difficulty in actually RUNNING a workflow, in the Workflow Manager application or ArcMap (which has the workflow manager extension switched on, and I can see jobs).  The Run Current Step and Mark Step as Complete buttons are greyed out.

It???s a really simple workflow, with two custom steps that are both procedural (hence should be moved manually).  I have created an AOI (the repository has been set to have the Irish Grid EPSG:27702) even though it shouldn???t need to have one (I believe); it has been allocated to me (a valid user); it is not in draft form (I set the workflow to Active in the Administrator application).

Am I missing anything else?

All help gratefully received!

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Can you check something? Select the Job in Workflow Manager and select the Properties tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Ownership tab, can you tell me if the job is assigned to anyone? If not, try assigning it to yourself and see if that helps. If it is, what about right-clicking on the custom step, selecting properties and seeing who the step is assigned to. If it is unassigned you will want to assign it to your user.

Just some thoughts,
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