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Since we upgraded to WMX 10.2.2 we have persistent database connections

08-21-2015 01:22 PM
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We recently upgraded our users to WMX 10.2.2. This included the upgrade of our Oracle SDE database and all the desktop installs.

Since the upgrade we have found that database connections seem to be persisting long after the user has disconnected from ArcMap and Workflow Manger. For example today I spoke with a user that had disconnected from both WMX and ArcMap at around 12:40. When I checked at 4:00 there was a connection from her PC as the WMX user and as her user. I connected to the database as sde and removed her connection. 

We are also finding that as the user shuts down their PC, they are presented with a window stating that the WMX.exe process is still running and asking if we would like to end the process. When I go into the Task Manager, I cannot see that the process is running. I have checked for a process under my username and also for all other users.

I am wondering if anyone else using WMX 10.2.2 and Oracle are experiencing this issue. Or if anyone can suggest why we are seeing this persistence. I do notice that it takes quite a long time before the ArcGISCacheMgr.exe and ArcGISConnection.exe processes end after exiting ArcCatalog but I am guessing that this is by design.



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Just wanted to add that we have spoken to Esri Canada technical support about this issue as this does not seem to be confined to our WMX geodatabase. They mentioned that another client had run into something similar with their 10.2.2 upgrade. In their case the issue was with triggers. When they disabled the triggers the connections seemed to exit cleanly.

It is not possible for us to disable our triggers. I thought I would add the information to this posting in case there was someone out there who had some suggestions of why a trigger would not disconnect cleanly. If there was some sort of setting or parameter or the way the triggers were written?


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