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Query regarding Manager events and notification. Please help

07-29-2012 07:06 AM
New Contributor

From what I understand, job notifications via emails are automatically triggered at certain events throughout the lifecycle of a job (job created, assigned etc). I want to send an email notification as soon as JOB is assigned to a User by its Group owner.

As the Scenario is, We are creating multiple jobs in one go and assigning it to Group Owner via custom step also sends a notification to Group owner saying JOBs have been created,kindly assign it to respective users.

Now manual process : Group Owner Open Manager to reassign all the jobs to different users.

I want to send a email notification to the user to whom that job is assigned. Can this be possible ?

How events (JOB created , assigned) can be captured and notified to the same user.
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There are several ways you can do it.

1. You can use JobAssigned notification for this.
2. You can create a new notification and use token to set the user information.
     a. Use that as a step(Send Notification) in your workflow, when executed it will send the notification you created.
     b. Create a step to assign the job by group owner and configure to use this notification in detailed step properties.
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