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Notifications from Web browser sent from different email name

04-15-2015 09:28 AM
Occasional Contributor

We have set up the Feb 10th, 2015 of the Workflow Manager JavaScript Web viewer pointing to our development 10.2.2 WMX database.

When we create jobs using the Workflow Manager, the emails to indicate that the job has been created come from the user "Workflow Manager"

When we create jobs using the WMX Web viewer, the emails to indicate that the job has been created come from the user "GIS Workflow".

If I review the JTX_NOTIFICATIONS table in my 10.2.2 WMX database (Oracle 11g), I see no mention of the user "GIS Workflow". I can find the notification type of JobCreated and the sender_name is "Workflow Manager"/

The contents of the email are the exact same so I am confident that the notification in use is the same.

I have asked my developer if he can find reference to this user, but unfortunately, he cannot.

Can anyone suggest where this email user name is coming from when using the web viewer?



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Of course, two second after sending this I found that the username in Outlook is GIS Workflow, so that is what is being used by the web viewer.

So I will modify my question,

Why does the web viewer make use of the default outlook options instead of using the contents of the JTX_NOTIFICATIONS table.