Job Filters not recognized on Flex web viewer drop-down

12-22-2015 11:48 AM
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We have noticed that when using the Flex web viewer, our Job Filters are not being recognized in the drop down when creating a New Job. 

For example, if a user is only permitted to create Job Types A and C, they still see Job Type B even though it is not included in their filter.  If they try to create a job of Type "B", an error message does appear stating that the user does not have permission.

Is there a way to hide the job types that the user cannot create from the Web Viewer (similar to the Desktop)?

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This is a known issue and will be resolved at the 10.4 release. One thing to note is that we fixed it in the Javascript viewer and not the flex viewer. Are you able to use the Javascript app instead of flex? If not, let us know and we can plan to include this fix in that application as well.



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That was a bit of a typo above. It should have read that we were using the JavaScript viewer.

Good to know that it will be fixed, sorry to hear we have to wait until 10.4....