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Job Assignment

11-04-2013 07:00 AM
Esri Contributor
I'm not sure if this question was asked.
In my workflow it is necessary for the workflow to be sent to a Manager/technician and have certain steps executed. I noticed that you can assign steps to certain users/groups, but the job is assigned to that user and cannot be reassigned to the original job owner. There are many steps where this is needed and having to manually reassign back to the original job owner is tedious. Is there a way to reassign the job to the original job owner automatically?
Amanda De Medeiros
Esri Canada
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by Anonymous User
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Hi Amanda,

When you author a workflow you can right click on individual steps in the workflow and reassign them to other users and groups, so that you can break up the responsabilities in the workflow. Once a step in a workflow is active and assigned to someone else it will automatically reassign and stay that way until the next workflow step is reassigned. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to reassign a job back to the job owner specifically, although it is something we're considering for the future and we will ensure your recommendation is included. The best thing to do at the moment would to create a group of people who people who would be Job Owners in your organization and assign the job back to that group.

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