Is Replicating Workflow Manager repositories also create replica of DB and sync ?

05-07-2013 10:49 PM
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By using Replication function in Workflow Manager repositories we can replicate elements (Configurations, Job type and even jobs)
and do synchronization among them. But I am confused with some issues and questions here,

1. This replication also replicate and sync the changes of the database from parent repository to all child node ?
2. If it replicate the database then where it is defined, I did not find an option to replicate and sync database in
    manage replica menu.
3. If database do not replicate then jobs are pointing to single central database ? But I see an image here

where different location shows different database. If every repository has its own database then how jobs will work that created in one child node pointing to its local database and now sync to other nodes ?

Can someone help me understand ? I need to distribute some jobs in two locations and also like the database will sync between them, so that those two databases always keep same.

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