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Install on SQL Server Express

07-19-2010 11:15 AM
New Contributor III

I am trying to install Workflowmanager on a SQL Server Express. I have a Workgroup SDE running on it. I just cannot figure out which parameters for the DB connection I need to enter In the Post Install.

For the hostname I enter: myagsserver
For the service I entered: myagsserver_sqlexpress (I also tried 1433 for the service)
For the DBName: I used either an existing DB or non existing DB
For the user and password: I used the db admin and password I used when setting up the db 

I always get the error message: "Failed to connect to the specified server. Entry for SDE instance not found in services file"

I also tried to change the Version, but I also got the same error

By the way I can connect to the DB from ArcCatalog and create a Geodatabase in it. So the SDE seems to be set up correctly. 

Can anyone give me an Example please!
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Esri Contributor
Hi Holger,

What you need to enter is what you see after a right click on the database in ArcCatalog and choose "Save connection". You can then open the "Connection Properties" from the connection file under the "Database Connections" node.

In your case, you seem to be missing the correct xpression for the service, try


Best regards,
ESRI Switzerland
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Thanks a lot - that worked !

The "sde:sqlserver:" bit was the thing I was missing 🙂
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