Improve update request for related properties in ArcGIS Workflow Manager REST API

09-05-2014 12:27 AM
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In our workflow manager we have a JobType with a related property to a table called "PROCESINFORMATIE_PG".

To updated the related property we have a request like:






On this table we have an AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE trigger on the database. We found that this trigger is called 7 times when we do the request mentioned above. This is equal to the amount of properties that are updated.

It looks like that the request results in 7 separate insert/update statements.

This behaviour only occurs at the WMX REST API. When using the WMX desktop application only 1 update is executed.

Updating the database is time consuming so the performance can improve if the update of the fields is done in one statement (which results in only one call to the trigger).

Does anyone has an idea if it is possible to configure the ArcGIS Workflow Manager in such a way the request results in only one update statement?

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Jan Peter ter Veen



Logged as enhancement request for the WMX REST API by ESRI Support Netherlands.

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