Get attribute value of a selected polygon in job assigned

04-05-2017 10:40 AM
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I need to get an attribute value of a selected polygon in job assignment.  It's best that I can do this from SQL.

Any idea ?


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i will answer  and what i understood from your question is that you need to get the LOI from the job id 

you have many options to get the LOI

1- if you are using wmx service throw workflow manager server you can call it as restfull or using the javascript API to get the job LOI

2- you can publish the LOI as a map service and this optional when you publish the workflow manager service. then you can query the map services by jobid

3- your question about using the SQL : i think you can use SQL SDE commands refering to the following URIs:

SQL reference for query expressions used in ArcGIS—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Workflow: Use SQL with existing feature classes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

i hope this is helpful for you

Mohamed Massoud

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As part of our longterm roadmap we are planning on allowing you to associate a record of a feature (in a feature service) to a job and use the attributes as extended properties.

Would this resolve your request?



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