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04-25-2012 01:53 PM
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Hi all,
I have created my workflow manager connection from Workflow Manager Administrator WMA. Next I start the Workflow Manager WM and this load the configuration that I created in the before step (see image).[ATTACH=CONFIG]13820[/ATTACH]. However I cannot create new jobs because the button "create new job" is disabled. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

PS: my enviroment is WM 10.0, SQL2008
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have you also created a Group (WMA, Security), having at least the "Create Job" privilege and added yourself to the group?

When you create a user in WMX, giving the "administrator" status only gives the user access to WMA... but does not grant any privilege regarding the jobs per se (WMM)

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Hi Jean, thank you very much for your clue.
Finally I could enable the new job button. However I have some doubts about configuration process and the security level.
First I am going to describe my setting process:
1. I create an user in the geodatabase GDB with the same schema that the sde user else the WM installer get the following message:
Unable to create table JTX_USERS.
Database user name and current user schema do not match. [testWFM.RODOLFO.JTX_USERS]

This process have to do for every user who going to manage the WM even though they only could have the privilige of create jobs.
2. Once the user is created I run the post instalation WM for every user who will use WM.
3. Next in WMA get a conexion to the created database and also I must assign privilegies to user who will use WM.
4. To access to the WM the current window user name must coincide to the one of the user names of the GDB which were created previosly. Doing it I can access to WM with new create job button enabled whenever that my current window user name has the appropiate privileges.

My questions:
1. Are the above described steps righ in order to achieve an appropiate configuration of WM? I think that this type of setting has some security issues because all users has almost the same privileges that the sde user.
2. Does the current window user name must be equal to the GDB user name? is there any different way to configure WM?

Thanks in advance,
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There is a cleaner approach documented here for setting up your workflow manager repository in an Oracle database and here for setup in a SQL server database. Once you have set up the database following these directions, you can add the username (windows login names) for all the users that will be accessing the workflow manager application.

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