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Can't find step id number associated with WMX error

09-19-2011 08:55 AM
New Contributor III
I received an error, "Unable to initialize workflow. Step 18040 is not valid..." See attached.

I cannot find a step id/number in my WMX tables that matches this number, but I am not entirely certain where to look. I am looking in the JTX_STEP_TYPE table.
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Esri Contributor
Hi Ashley,

Try looking for the ID in the JTX_JOB_STEP table (under STEP_ID?).  If the ID shows up there, I think you can use the "STEP_TYPE_ID" field to figure out what step type to check in the "JTX_STEP_TYPE" table.

Not sure offhand what the problem might be, but hopefully this will shed some light on things...?  Good luck,

Brian D.
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