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Can not access to WMrest

07-09-2012 11:08 PM
New Contributor II

I´ve installed WMX Server, I can publish WMX objects, but I can not access to http://[myserver]/wmrest/services/

I have this error:
{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Invalid URL. Parsing error; missing \u0027WMServer\u0027 in URL.","details":[]}}

Some help please?

Thank you
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Esri Contributor
Hi Eduardo,

With Workflow Manager Server on ArcGIS Server .Net, it is not supported to browse the services in the way you are attempting. Instead, you must connect directly to the service. For example, at http://[myserver]/wmrest/services/[myservice]/WMServer

If you are wanting to view what services are published, you can use ArcGIS Server Manager, or the Workflow Manager Servers node in ArcCatalog.
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New Contributor II
Ok! Thank you very much!
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