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10-27-2010 04:37 AM
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I have spent last two days trying to figure out how to implement the following workflow steps in Worflow Manager...

(1) Automatically create a new folder on predefined UNC path (format ABC-xxxxx ; e.g. ABC-00001) - data repository for all documents concerning current workflow.
(2) Upload attachments (documents) to the working folder (UNC path)
(3) ....

Possible resolution - Desktop client:
(1) Custom step is being used --> GP function Create folder (in the UNC path). This is not the final solution, but only Quick Fix. The final solution would be creating Custom step (Developer Kit solution) that would programatically create correctly formated folder name.
(2) Attachments could be added in one of the two formats: Embeded and Linked. If Linked type is chosen, then a local link to document is added. What my workflow demands is that attachments are being uploaded to UNC path (e.g. \\server-name\Docs\MyDocument.doc). If I am right, achieve that, the user sould do 2 steps. Via Windows Explorer upload document to UNC path, and then add it as Attacment in the workflow manager.
Is there any way (without programming) to add an Linked attachment from local computer and that it is being stored in the folder on the UNC path? I have looked through Developer Kit samples, and find out two components that could be merged in one solution to fix my problem:
- Custom Job Tab,
- Custom Steps - Add Attachment.
The solution would be to hide current Attachment tab and create a Custom one, that would load local files, store them on the UNC path, and then add them as Local attachment.

I would use upper solution if only Desktop client is supposed to be used. I have to use Web client too (FLEX or JavaScript Viewer). Through this clients I only can handle Embeded attachments... and there is no Developer Kit for this clients... 😞

Is there any solution for this issue?

Maybe the best thing would be to handle all documents as Embeded Attachments, so the Desktop and Web clients could handle them, and as the LAST STEP in the Workflow to copy them to UNC folder. (Is there any example how to create that Custom step --> copy all embeded attachments to physical folder.)

I have another question. If in the first step Create folder on UNC path, how can that information be passed to the next steps?


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I think I have found a solution (browsing the forum) to my last question:
"I have another question. If in the first step Create folder on UNC path, how can that information be passed to the next steps?"

There was a discussion about passing [JOB:ID] -->

"The job Id can be passed in by using tokens that will substitute the value at runtime when the step is executed. "

Maybe the other variables can be passed to... I will investigate it tomorrow...

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As we discussed, your best bet is to use a custom step to extract the stored attachment and store that at your desired UNC path.

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