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All of the available JTX extensions licenses are currently in use

11-18-2009 09:49 AM
New Contributor
When trying to run the JTX Post Installation or JTX Application I receive an error that states; "All of the available JTX extension licenses are currently in use".  I don't have any ArcGIS software running and I get this message.  I've rebooted and had no success there either. 

My ArcGIS Administrator dialog shows that the Job Tracking Extension is Installed, Registered, and Expires 31-jan-2010 but I can't seem to open the tool.  Am I missing something?  The only thing I've installed at this point is JTX Desktop (Administrator Edition) Install.  Do I need to install anything else right now?

I'm running XP pro sp3.
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Since JTX is an ArcGIS extension, we require you to install ArcGIS desktop 9.4 to use the desktop application and ArcGIS Server 9.4 to use the server extension.
Can you confirm that you have ArcGIS Desktop installed and authorized at an ArcEditor/ArcInfo license on the machine you are running?

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