WMS: Prevent popup when there is no feature

08-19-2020 05:23 AM
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When I am clicking on a map with an active WMS layer, the popup of the WMS layer always appears, even if there is no feature. The popup then only contains a title but no further information.  

The same blank popup is showing up even if there is a feature, but I am not at a zoom level the WMS layer appears. That’s very confusing.

And if I have different active layers, there are different popups to scroll through. This is difficult for a user to understand if it also contains popups with no content.

Is there any way to prevent WMS-popups when there is no feature? In the menu, I only have the option of completely removing the popup.

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Same question here. Have you found a way to avoid popups to appear when no wms features are clicked?

Thank you!

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