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12-07-2016 03:14 PM
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I am just a newbie on developing web apps.

I have created a web map containing an editable feature layer. It is shared within my organization and group. Then I used Web AppBuilder to create an app from my web map. The app is also shared to my organization and group.

In Web AppBuilder, I configured the app so that it contains some widgets like Draw, etc. In Web AppBuilder I previewed it and it work perfectly fine so I clicked on the Launch button.

I have loaded collector for ArcGIS on my Samsung Tablet S2. In Collector for ArcGIS, I can see my web map but not the widgets.

Can someone provide me assistance? Thank you.

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WAB and Collector Apps are two very different apps. When you created your WAB app and configured its widget you have a specific url that you use to access that app (even on mobile devices like your phone). The ArcGIS Collector App is a different app that is not associated with WAB and is designed for mobile and data collection specifically.

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Hi Dionisio,

As Robert said, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS are two different and separate apps. The former is meant to enable you to easily create and build new web apps easily without programming. It runs in a web browser. The latter is designed for mobile field data collection and editing, and supports offline workflows. It runs as a native app on your mobile device.

You can create a single web map with a feature service that can be used in both apps. But widgets in Web AppBuilder only run in an app built with Web AppBuilder, in a web browser. Collector has built in editing functionality, so you should be able to edit by just opening the web map.

Hope this helps,