Widget works when loaded into WAB Developer Edition 2.12 but doesn't when loaded into Portal 10.7.1

12-22-2020 09:39 AM
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I don't have a specific answer to your question, but what I know is that in most cases you can't use an app developed in WAB developer version (with custom widget)  in the portal's version of WAB. Tried it before with a custom widget and it failed. Then, found somewhere (don't remember anymore where) written that custom widgets don't work from WABde to WAB portal.

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Without any clear information on the widget, the code, its purpose, your portal setup and so much more this is impossible to answer. You should start by isolating the problem and create a simple empty widget in WAB Dev, then upload it to your portal and see if it works - if done properly, it should work with no issues.

Later, slowly add logic and isolate when it's no longer runs on your portal.




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