Export Selected features to excel with description of domain instead of coded value

12-22-2020 08:07 AM
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I am using the Utility Network and there are thousands of subtypes and coded values in the domains with a text description. I am using WebApp Builder in Enterprise 10.7.1 and using the selection tool and export only has Export to CSV, GeoJSON, or Feature Collection. The problem with CSV is that the coded values get exported but the descriptions do not. I know within pro there is a checkbox with export to excel geoprocessing tool to include descriptions and that works great. How can I get the web app builder to be able to see those coded domains and only export the test description of the coded domains and subtypes.

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Rich C

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I don't have any context or background story but the way I solved this is by creating a geoprocessing widget + tool that works against and Python script on the back-end. With the Python script you can do and customize practically anything and everything.




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