Widget (Custom or OTB) to Populate Survey123 Available?

03-16-2020 08:41 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hey all!

I've been searching for a solution for a while now with limited success, so I figured I'd ask you smart people!

This is what we'd like to do:

We have a web map that contains layers in reference to floodplains, including base flood elevations and flood hazard zones. The goal of the app is to allow the public to click on a point in the map and 1) display the attributes from multiple layers on the screen, 2) print a report that contains these data and a map of the area they clicked on, and 3) import these data to a Survey123 form so they can fill out remaining fields and submit it.

I can get some of the things done, like display the attributes on the screen (in Experience Builder, haven't gotten it to display in WAB), but the biggest thing is to populate a S123 form. The major problem is that the survey needs to be populated from multiple layers (I've seen how to embed a URL into a popup and have it automatically populate from one layer).

Does anyone 1) know of any existing solutions (e.g. custom widget, templates) or 2) have any ideas on how I can get this done? I've dabbled in WABD, but it's a bit overwhelming since I don't know where I need/should begin. Any help is appreciated.



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