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Why is the attribute table not displaying data from a hosted feature service?

01-16-2020 07:47 PM
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I'm running into this issue with a referenced feature service not displaying in the attribute table widget after I configure the pop-up in the web map. Below is the workflow I am following at a high level.

  1. Prepare to publish a layer from an enterprise geodatabase as a map image / feature service within ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Apply definition queries to layer in order to limit it to a subset of data.
  3. This layer has multiple fields with a float datatype.
  4. I round these fields to 2 decimal places in ArcGIS Pro.
  5. Publish said layer.
  6. The formatting doesn't pass through to the map image or feature services.
  7. Therefore, I must configure the popup on these services to two decimal places within the Portal.
  8. I then save this layer to hold that formatting, allowing me to pull these services into various maps.
  9. I create a map consuming the feature service.
  10. I then create a WAB application consuming the previously created map.
  11. I add in the attribute table widget and set it to "sync" with layer visibility.

Once I launch the WAB application and open the attribute table, click on the tab with the layer name (it is turned on in the layer list meaning it is synced to show in attribute table), I see no data. I only get the spinning wheel signifying it is requesting the data. This lasts for a few seconds and disappears leaving me with a blank attribute table (within that tab). Looking at the chrome dev tools I get a few errors back after doing this (screenshot below). 


Looking at the server logs I get the following error (screenshot below). There is another very long error that recommends increasing the SOC heap size, but I don't think that is the appropriate solution.

Here is the most confusing part of the whole thing. If I do not proceed with step 7 above, I do not run into this issue! Also, I mentioned in step 2 I am applying a definition query to this layer when I publish it. There are other services that I've published from the same dataset (different def queries of course), did step 7, and I have no issue at all.

Has anyone run into something like this? Could it be a bug? I probably need to open a support ticket with esri however, any help would very much appreciated! 

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Hi Lance

I am having this same issue. Have you manage to find out why the attribute table is blank in the web app and are possible solutions around this issue? 

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