Filter by Extent No Longer Working in Infographics

10-24-2019 07:43 AM
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I am having an issue with Filter by Extent no longer working for any of my infographics widgets in WABD. I've had an app built for many months using the dashboard theme. In the app, I have a number of infographic widgets that are all checked to Filter by Extent, but recently every widget that is checked Filter by Extent now says NO DATA unless you uncheck Filter by Extent. Upon unchecking Filter by Extent, the widgets seem to operate normally, however, Filtering by Extent is very useful in this map, as I want the widgets to change as one pans and zooms. I don't understand why this functionality is suddenly no longer working. Does anyone have any advice?

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Micah Cox‌ Did you ever figure this out? I've suddenly lost the ability to filter by extent on infographics. One second everything was fine, the next none of my charts have data and filter by extent is greyed out and checked. I'm at a total loss! Not all, but nearly every web map I have is not doing the same thing.

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How are you adding the data source? Is it 'map' or 'extra data source'. I'm having the same issue when I add the data source via 'extra data source'.

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