WebApp Builder TOC bug

07-01-2015 11:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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In WebApp Builder 1.1 - When you turn a Group off, it does not turn off the sublayers.

When you turn sublayers off, the Group checkbox doesn't do anything, now they won't turn on, or off. And it stays displayed as checked even after they turn off.

The Table of Contents (TOC) should behave like AGS TOC or the ArcMap TOC.  Or any application with a hierarchical checkbox tree.  Otherwise the Group checkbox gives the appearance of being able to turn child layers on/off when it can't.  Unless anyone else is seeing it work?  I see this in WAB Developer Edition as well as through ArcGIS Online.

While the TOC works through AGOL vs. communicating to the services directly through REST like AGS TOC; nevertheless, if it has the appearance of a hierarchical TOC it should also have this functionality and behavior.  Has everyone seen what I mean or would anyone like me to post some example screenshots?

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by Anonymous User
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I had an idea that I think would solve this. By the way this issue is affects regular ArcGISonline TOC, and even ArcGIS Desktop.  Groups should have multi-state checking. It's intuitive.

Dojo Dijit Tree with Checkboxes


Also it would be neat if we could ctrl-click or shift-click multiple checkboxes and turn off/on like in Desktop, in the Javascript viewers.

The TOC is where it all begins for most users on webmaps... I think. I don't know for sure what the best thing is, for the TOC.  For this, I think getting a focus group (of 'civilian' non-GIS people) together to try different concepts, would be warranted.

I can also understand that a counter position to this is that sometimes people do not like interface changes, especially at first.  However, this being considered, does anyone else also think it's time... for Layer multi-state checkboxes in TOCs?

Actually now that I think about it, several professional staff at my office that use ArcGIS Desktop... mostly as a 'viewer'.. and have found the Group checkbox concept confusing and asked for help when layers "disappeared". While my sample size of n=3 is small..I do think this is a legitimate feature enhancement at least to where "Further research is needed."  Just sharing my experiences, thanks for consideration!

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