Web AppBuilder with private map ask for login

12-07-2018 06:03 AM
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I have a WebApp Application that I created using the Web AppBuilder, that point to a private map under my organization.

My goal with this is be able to open the WebApp without login, but I is not working.

My proxy (I'm using the Java implementation) configuration is:

<serverUrl url="https://org.maps.arcgis.com"

The Proxy seems that is working fine, but, when I try to open the WebApp I a box like this before see the WebApp:

Does anyone have any know what I am missing here?

Thank you in advance!

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Did you ever get this to work? No matter what I do it fails.  Built the app from Web AppBuilder on ArcGIS Online - downloaded it to host on the internal network and always prompted for the username / password.  

Even if I supply the Client_ID and Client_Secret with the token service, oath2 or neither used.  Interestingly enough, I can log into ArcGIS Online, but when prompted through the web app my login fails.

I had to add

"httpProxy": {
"useProxy": true,
"alwaysUseProxy": false,
"url": "https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/proxy/proxy.ashx",
"rules": []

To the bottom of the config file as it wasn't available in the base app when I downloaded it

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Hi Kieren,

Yes, I made it work, but being totally honest with you, I don't remember exactly all that I did.

But, anyway, my current configuration is something like this:

On proxy side I have this configuration:

<serverUrl url="https://myportal.maps.arcgis.com"
   tokenServiceUri="https://myportal.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/generateToken" />
<serverUrl url="https://static.arcgis.com"
   clientSecret="client_secret" />

And my proxy is:

"httpProxy": {
    "useProxy": true,
    "alwaysUseProxy": false,
    "url": "",
    "rules": [


On this setup is working as expected. I hope it helps you  

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