Web AppBuilder Popups not working

08-20-2020 11:42 AM
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I have uploaded a shapefile and published it as a feature layer in the ArcGIS for Developers account.

Then I created a Scene and added the feature layer to the scene.  I enabled a custom popup for the feature layer to display the popups and a photo.  The popups do not work for any map layer in 3D Web AppBuilder application once I share the 3D scene.  The popups work in the map and scene but do not work in the application.

Please help!

When I click on the feature in the 3D app, I see the entire globe / map is highlighted by a black outline, but I do not get a popup.  Not sure what could be causing this.

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We have the similar issue. We imported LiDAR point cloud scene layer package into our ArcGIS Enterprise (10.8.1) and published hosted scene layer. We loaded hosted scene layer into Web Scene and we can click the LiDAR point and bring up the popup window. But the popup window did not work after we shared the web scene as web app by Web AppBuilder. We are not able to figure out how to make the popup work. 

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I am experiencing something similar. We’re you able to find a solution?

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