Web AppBuilder Developer Edition HTTP 400 Bad Request

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04-22-2015 12:40 PM
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I'm trying to set up Web AppBuilder Developer Edition and I'm running into some trouble.  I am following the "Getting Started" guide.  Everything goes well until I get to the Provide App ID for Web AppBuilder section.  I follow the steps to retrieve an App ID but when I paste my App ID into Web AppBuilder, I get a HTTP 400 Bad Request page.

The only thing that is not clear to me when setting up the App ID is the instructions for setting the Redirect URI.  In the "Getting Started" guide for Web AppBuilder Developer, it says to add http://[yourmachinename] and https://[yourmachinename] but on AGS Online the example given is http://<server>[:po

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Let me try again... In the "Getting Started" guide, it says to add yourmachinename while on AGS Online the example given is server port (Geonet will not let me put the formatting in here!).

I tried with just my machine name and get the HTTP 400 Bad Request page.

I tried with my machine name and 3344 as the port and still get the HTTP 400 Bad Request page.

Suggestions?  Thanks.

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Thanks.  Rebecca's post helped a lot.  I got it working by following her advice in step 3 h (hint 2) to include the full computer name... including the domain.  computername.domain

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Glad it helped!  Maybe one day esri will include some of my "tips" in an official troubleshooting guide.