Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Can't create new Apps

10-06-2015 01:56 PM
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Hi all,

I've been using Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (1.2) since its release and have just run into a new error

I am unable to create any new Apps, as a blank box (like an error message would) appears with only the option to click Ok.
See screenshot below.

I have made a number of new apps with this latest Developer Edition of Web AppBuilder, and am still able to edit the existing apps.
This issue has only recently sprung up, and is seemingly random as nothing should have changed to create the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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Any ideas on this? I'm finding the problem reoccurring after making the new copy as Rebecca suggested, and that worked for a short while, but now it's happening again. Making new copies repeatedly isn't a good option long term, so if anyone has ideas, I'm all ears.

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You may want to check out this thread and the workaround when trying to "save" an already created app.  Not sure it there is any relation to the two issues....but maybe there is some connection as to why these things happen.

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Ive come across this, not sure what 'exactly' the problem is... however the easiest workaround I know is to create a new BASIC VIEWER app... then out of the list of copied items as seen in the cmd window (or appbuilder.logs) seems to replace the glitchy file...

Then you can create a DEFAULT Web App once again! 

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This could happen if Fiddler is running at the same time and your portal is running SSL

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Delete signininfo.json file under ArcGIS-web-appbuilder-1.3/server.  Exit and restart WAB

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I think Hunter might be into something.  I've had this problem as well.  My fixes have been to keep a copy with the LL widget already set up but no app in the list.  When this happens I copy the clean version down and import the app back in to the WAB1.3.  The last time I was also able to copy the entire client folder over from the broken WAB to the Working one and that also corrected the problem.

In my search for answers I looked into the //WAB/server/logs.appbuilder.log and found this error message...

[2016-02-22 10:55:36.175] [INFO] server - No token is found, redirect /webappbuilder to /webappbuilder?action=setportalurl

I also looked into the //WAB/server/db/apps file and at the end I was my test ones that failed and where they were being deleted.  When it fails it seems to not completely write into this directory.  One thing to note... my signininfo.json file appears to be correct.

Given the fact that I found the error message with the no token found I would say Hunter's response is likely correct.  I just corrected this again yesterday before I found this thread.  So, if it happens again I will try this solution.

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I am having the same problem with WAB DE 2.0. I tried Hunter's solution, did not work. Looks like I will need to install a new version of the WAB with the Local Layer Widget and copy the Client Folder over to it. Thoughts?

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I a known issue and we are still working on this. The reason is the generated app is is duplicated. The workaround is: if you have this error, click the OK button again and again until the app is created successfully.

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Junshan, you are a genius! I tried your solution and it worked. I adapted it to my situation:

I fixed the problem about the apps not duplicating or not being able to create a new app inside the WAB DE 2.0. For the app I wanted to copy, I just kept hitting Duplicate around 10-15 times. Eventually, the App duplicated. Also, this seemed to fix the error that prevented me from creating new apps. Very odd indeed. But the problem is now fixed and the WAB DE 2.0 runs like a brand new BMW.

I think Jack should give you a raise.

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Junshan, here are two complete screenshots showing the WAB DE 2.0 Dos Box Window. I thought this could help in your debugging process.



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