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Web AppBuilder Coordinate Conversion Widget - Coordinate Parse Error

02-23-2022 10:05 AM
New Contributor III

In our Enterprise Portal, our End-Users can not use the "Coordinate Conversion" Tool to use the Marker and place on the Map to retrieve coordinates. They receive an error message that reads:

" Unable to parse coordinates. Please check your input.

Need a solution...


Thank you.

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New Contributor

I have the same exact issue. Haven't been able to find anything online about what the issue could be.


Hopefully someone can help us out. 



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New Contributor

Doing some digging I found that it is trying to pull from ArcGIS Utility Online. Make sure you are connected to ArcGIS Online Utility Service that might be your solution. 


For me I utilize our portal offline, is there any work around to this error for me? 



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Esri Contributor

@OwensS @AlexyBoehm Apologies on the late reply. Yes, the Coordinate Conversion widget relies on the geometry service to parse coordinates. For Enterprise, the widget will use the configured geometry service you supplied for parsing. If that's not the case for you, can you let me know what version of Portal you are currently using? 

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