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08-13-2021 01:37 PM
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I created a web application using Web App Builder in the Launchpad Theme. The application works great for the most part, but depending on the browser that I launch it in, I have various problems with how different parts of the app display.

In Microsoft Edge (where the app seems to display best), my view of the attribute table is very narrow/short and makes it difficult to explore the data. It looks like there is a little tab to pull the attribute table up to make it bigger, but it doesn't work to make it either bigger or smaller.

In Chrome, the attribute table has much better visibility and I'm able to pull it up and down, but the app title/header doesn't display correctly. Instead the search bar fills the whole width of the top of the page and I'm not able to see the app title or the logo that I created for it.

In Internet Explorer the header and attribute tables display properly, but if I open more than one widget at a time I get overlapping white space and it makes it messy and difficult to navigate the various widgets.

Any tips?! Or should I just stick to whichever browser causes the least of these display issues?!

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @tahunt01 ,

There's not much you can do unless you plan on customising/extending the Web AppBuilder codebase for each browser to maintain visual parity. I would not recommend this as Esri Inc maintain the application.

As with many coding languages, it is up to the machine or application to interpret the language and perform the code's instructions. In your case, each of the browsers interpret the Web AppBuilder's HTML, CSS slightly differently and will therefore render it slightly differently. Functionally, they should be the same.

As for tips, avoid IE as Microsoft intend to deprecate the product for Microsoft Edge and have already discontinued updates to IE. Also, browsers regularly update and it can often mean that the Web AppBuilder's HTML/CSS can become dated and vice versa i.e. the browser version is dated and can't use the Web AppBuilder's HTML/CSS.

Hope this helps!


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