web app attribute table won't display some values that are present in popups

11-12-2021 10:00 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Hello. I am attempting to display some survey123 data in a web app. I am using Web App Builder version 2.19.

The web app attribute table widget doesn't display results from two of my fields (answers to a select_multiple question) if they have more than one answer selected or if the single answer selected has an underscore in the name. I have gone back to my database and changed domains, ect., to no effect.

The data are there in the popup in the web app, in the popup in the web map that it's based on, and in the attribute table of the web map as well. Additionally everything is fine in my map in Pro. 

Is there something obvious that I'm doing wrong? Or is this more likely a bug of some kind? 

By scouring the forums, I have found this workaround that seems promising, only I can't use it because my data is all related records, not directly attached to the polygons whose popups I must configure. 

Thanks for your time!



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by Anonymous User
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Never did find a solution to this. I worked around it by symbolizing & configuring popups with the GPS survey collection points themselves, rather than the related polygon feature layer of the buildings that are being inspected. It doesn't look as neat and clean but it works well enough. 

I'd be interested to know if anybody ever figures this out, but I suspect related records are simply not supported for the necessary functions in AGOL. 

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