WAB Smart Editor Widget - feature templates not available

01-11-2019 08:57 AM
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Has anyone had issues with feature templates not displaying in the Smart Editor widget after the December AGO update?  They're displaying fine in the standard Edit widget and in previous versions of the Smart Editor (ver. 2.8 according to the json code) but not in this latest release (ver. 2.11).

Any help would be appreciated.  



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Did you ever get a solution for this?

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I am also having the same issue. I confirmed that the layers pushed all have feature templates. Why would they not show under the Smart Editor widget in WAB?

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I just finished a call with ESRI support. There is a known bug where the layer template will not display in some Web Application Themes.  The known issue is with the Tab Theme, I was also experiencing the issue with the Foldable Theme.  Was finally able to get Smart Editor working with the Billboard theme.  I have not tried others yet. 

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We appear to be experiencing it within the Launchpad Theme. I have three feature layers with four categories of features, and the widget simply shows the feature layer name without ANY templates. 

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I am having issues with most of the templates, but the ones I do get a Smart Editor icon for does not have the Smart Actions tab I need to edit my fields. Has there been any updates to this bug?

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BUG-000117282 -The Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS app in Portal for ArcGIS fails to allow editing when added to the widget controller in the Tab theme.

Please request that you associate your accounts to the Bug so you can add weight to the progress.

Paul Hickson
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What version of ArcGIS Enterprise are you using?  With the Smart Editor widget, I cannot get the editing template to appear for an ArcGIS Server Feature Service for any of the WAB themes.  The Editor widget however works fine.  I am using ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.8.

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This is resolved in later versions of the widget. You may want to consider upgrading to a later version of Enterprise or using the latest version of the Smart Editor widget as a custom widget for their applications.

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