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05-25-2016 03:29 PM
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Our front counter people are going to be zooming to a taxlot, turning on utilities and then printing the map. Using the print (print +) widget. The pdf will then be a link on the server.

Then they can either print the map or send to the customer via email.

Is there a way to send that pdf via an email from WAB?

**This is a front counter and not their personal computer. We do not want them to have to log into their email every time they need to send a map to someone.


Example Print:


Two follow up questions :

How long does this link live on the server?

Is there a way to shorten the link?

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  WAB is built on client side technology (JavaScript) and thus does not have Server side capabilities like email. The life of the document on the server depends on the configuration in ArcGIS Server for the output directory.

Example show is ArcGIS Server Manager 10.4


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I had thought so but I had hopes that it would be possible.


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