WAB Layer Draw Order

01-21-2022 09:35 AM
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The new AGOL web map viewer will allow for the placing vector tile layers further up the layer list so they will draw on TOP of feature layers.

WAB does NOT honor this configuration.

My web map layer list looks like this (top to bottom)

Labels (vector tile)

Precinct...polygon outline (feature layer)

Reference...streets and streams (vector tile)

Districts...solid polygons (feature layer)


However, WAB draws them thusly:

Precinct (feature)

Districts (feature)

Labels (vector)

Reference (vector)


Is WAB getting updated to honor the new web map draw order?

Until it is, is there a way to force the change in WAB?


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I believe this is a limitation of the ArcGIS JavaScript 3.x API, upon which WAB is based. The new map viewer is running on the 4.x API, which has very different capabilities. I would not expect WAB to get this capability, perhaps ever.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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There seem to be lots of posts that relate back to this issue, in various ways.  It would be good if it were made more explicit that anyone trying to take advantage of the new features of the new web map viewer won't be able to use them within WAB.  We seem to be finding this out one by one through trial and error - therefore have a lot of collective time wasted!

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