WAB Developer Edition 2.4: Popup not honoring Arcade

08-08-2017 12:39 PM
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I have applied an Arcade expression in my webmap for a custom popup configuration. The webmap honors the expression. The popup is not honoring the expression, either on desktop or mobile. Does anyone know if this is still the case in WAB Dev Edition 2.5?



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Sorry it just occurred to me I should put up the expression:

var pickup = $feature.WEEKDAY;
When(pickup == 'OUT OF BOUNDS', 'Not Available', 
pickup == 'TOWN OF LONGBOAT KEY', 'Not Available', 
pickup == 'CITY OF SARASOTA', 'Not Available',
pickup == 'CITY OF VENICE', 'Not Available', 
pickup == 'CITY OF NORTH PORT', 'Not Available', Proper(pickup));

The popup title is then:

Pickup On - {experssion/expr0}

as {$feature.Weekday} has become {expression/expr0}

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Is experssion a typo?

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Yes that is a typo, sorry.

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Sorry all - as I should have known, WAB 2.4 uses jsapi 3.20 where 3.20 does not support Arcade expressions in popup template.  Somehow I thought 3.20 did, probably because rendering and labelling is supported at that release.  Brain cramp.

WAB 2.5 uses jsapi 3.21 which does support Arcade expressions  I'll mark as 'Assumed Answered'

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Hi all,

I interested in seeing if anyone has run into this issue yet. 

I am using ArcGIS Arcade in my popups in WAB 2.6 dev editon.  When I use the Search widget to search for a particular feature, the Arcade expression is not visible in my popup in the found feature (I have the 'Show pop-up for the found feature or location' option checked in the Search widget config).  However, I can click on the same feature again and then the Arcade expression appears.  Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you get around it?

Thanks in advance,


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Carver County   Since this thread is already closed, you may want to post as a new questin with you specific details.  You can refer back to thus thread as something you have already checked.