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Infographics chart ignores colors in config file

01-05-2018 10:14 AM
New Contributor III

I'm using the Developers WAB 2.6.   I would like to customize the colors shown by the charts.  I was pleased to find a setting file with a colors array for that purpose under "configs/infographic".  However, the colors setting is ignored.  I spent the better part of a day and found the code causing that and commented it out.  So, currently there's no logic in the code to discern if the colors in the config file should override the color ramp of the dijit.  I'm sure the ESRI developers are aware of that, but giving us a config file with that setting and then ignoring the setting is not the best option here.  Please come up with an alternative.  Perhaps a flag, or even a simple Boolean check to use the color setting if it is uncommented in the config file...  

In the meantime, if anybody else wants to implement a patch like I did, simply comment out lines 1444 - 1447 in StatisticsChart.js.

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