[WAB 2.5] Share widget map extent link doesn't work when basemap isn't WGS1984

07-31-2017 04:08 PM
MVP Regular Contributor

Our app built in Web AppBuilder 2.1 uses the share widget to allow users to get a URL of their current map extent. This app uses our custom basemap (not cached) published in state plane and everything works fine. We upgraded to Web AppBuilder 2.5 and used the same web map but the map extent link from the share widget doesn't zoom to the map extent. In troubleshooting this, I tried adding the Coordinate Conversion widget and it gives bogus coordinates (latitude always says 90ºN and longitude changes but is way off). Is there something special that needs to be done to allow Web AppBuilder 2.5 to play nice with anything besides WGS1984?

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