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03-30-2016 01:55 AM
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Using embedded arcgis online WAB (not dev), I have a map with several layers coming from different sources, some of them have larger extents than the actual Map Extent. Some of the layers (e.g. Parcels) are only visible at a large scale.

So now what happens:

  • In the WebMap, when I use the function "zoom to" on a layer out of visibility range, it zooms in the center of the layer and makes the features visible
  • In the WAB, using the Zoom to function in the layer list widget, it zooms to the layer extent (no zoom in to make the features visible).
  • In WAB layer list widget the invisible layers are not greyed out (as they are in other App templates, e.g. MapTools).

What I would like to have:

  • An option in WAB to zoom into the center of the (actual) Web Map Extent (NOT the Layer extent) to make the features visible.
  • Grey out invisible layers in layer list widget of WAB


  • Are these requests already under consideration or do I need to post an ArcGIS idea?

Thank you!

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  The only way to know for sure is to make enhancement requests through normal esri channels, like esri ideas or esri technical support. Though there are some WAB developer and product engineer staff that sometimes monitor GeoNet, it is not a standard channel to request or check on enhancement requests.

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Actually, there are already two ideas covering somehow my suggestions. Please promote if you agree 😉  (Scale dependant layers to show that it is either visible or not)  (AGOL Zoom to visibility scale)

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