Viewing Related Records in WAB 1.2

08-25-2015 02:34 PM
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What is the best way / most reliable way to view related records in WAB 1.2?  I'm trying to use the Launchpad theme and it seems to be spotty whether or not the 'Show Related Records' link shows in the feature pop-up.

Does some widget need to be open in order for this to appear?

Is there a better theme to use if related records are needed?

Is there a way to have a field in the related table be treated as a link?  For example, in our related tables there will open be a link to a PDF / image and it would be nice to have the ability for the URL / text string to be treated as a link.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Matt,

I don't have a complete answer for you but here is one thing have noticed:

- in order for the "show related records" hyperlink to show up in the popup you must configure the attribute table widget to show the attribute table for the feature class you wish to show related records from.

I would also like to know how to turn an attribute in the attribute table into a hyperlink....


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In attribute table, there is an option to show related records, but it does not have a way to open related records from a hyperlink.

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