Using a Feature Service as the AOI in Screening Widget

02-02-2022 11:10 AM
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Hi Everyone, 

I am planning on using the Screening Widget in a Web Application, but the Area of Interest options are really limited? I just want to know if I'm missing something, but I would have thought you could use a Feature Service from your ESRI account as an AOI, but the only option is a Shapefile?  

It means that the users would have to use the Extract widget to get a shapefile version of a feature service, and then load that in to the web application to use the Screening widget - it all seems very longwinded?

Does anyone know of another way to get a list of features within a certain distance of a polygon feature that is in a Feature Service? Near Me would be a good widget but it only uses points as a locator? 



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I do not have a solution but figure I would share the widget documentation if you haven't seen it. It looks like input is limited.

"The area of interest can be defined through a place name search, by drawing on the map, by uploading a shapefile, or by entering a traverse with coordinate and distance pairs."

However, It does look like you can use the draw tool as a selection on existing layers so that might be what you need. 

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You can add a feature layer as a search source in the Search Source Settings tab and select place name as an area of interest tool. Configure the search as necessary, and users can then search features in that layer to set as the AOI.

Search widget—ArcGIS Web AppBuilder | Documentation

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