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Use config url parameter within the WAB interface (to edit widgets config)

05-03-2022 08:20 AM
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I am trying to use the config url parameter to have alternative versions of an application.


I wonder if there is a way to edit other configs file in the WAB interface? For instance, I can load an application using the config url parameter with an url like https://mydomain/webappbuilder/apps/33/?config=config_2.json but it seems I can't open and edit that config_2.json in the WAB interface.

When entering edit/configuration mode with such url https://mydomain/webappbuilder/?id=33&config=config_2.json this is the config.json that is loaded, not config_2.json. The config url parameter is not used.


Is there a way to achieve what Im trying to do?



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If your alternate versions are limited to what layers are turned ON by default you can use the Share Widget in WAB and selecting the link option "Remember layer visibility." This can generate a unique link that can re-create the current visible layers and zoom location. We have used this technique to have a single app that starts with a zoning background in one version and an aerial in another. Looking at the Esri doc note that there are potential issues if lots of layers are involved, as there are certain limitations on URL length.

If your alternate versions involve different tools or other configurations across multiple apps we'll have to see if anyone else has any tips.

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Hi! Thanks for the tip!

However, what Im trying to do is to use the same widgets with another webmap in which the layers are the same except for one more that is securised...

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