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URL Parameter for WebAppBuilder Application

04-04-2019 02:08 AM
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I need to pass parameter from url of webappbuilder.

for example 


id is the field in one of the operational layer.

How to achieve this and also can we pass multiple values like 

http://localhost/gismaps/id=12345,45678,98745 PIn=100122,111222,456456

where Pin is field in another layer.

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  These are the supported URL parameters in WAB:

New Contributor III

Hey Robert,Thanks for the link. I have gone through and was successful in

passing the url parameters.

1) First Case :


the above link works perfectly and zooms to particular location.

2) Second Case:

https://myserver.local/GISAPP/index.html?query=layername;fieldname IN

(12345,45678,74747) : this also works fine but it is not zoomed to

particular location. I have to click on zoomto link available in the popup.

My requirement is it should directly zoom to particular location when i

navigate the result and Also i need to put marker in the query itself.

3) Third Case:

https://myserver.local/GISAPP/index.html?query=layername1;fieldname IN

(12345,45678,74747) & layername2; fieldname_of_Layername2 In (32145,45555)

Is it possible to query 2 layers at the same time?

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 4:10 PM Robert Scheitlin, GISP <>

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  There is no support for querying 2 layer like you third case. The MapUrlParamsHandler.js in the jimu folder will not do any zooming if the results of the query are greater than one. You could go into that file and make your changes to support that though.

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