Unable to update visible scale range in web application

08-17-2021 11:10 AM
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I have a web application that contains several different layer types including feature layers, map image layers, and hosted feature layers. In the "layers" widget settings, I have enabled users to update the visible scale range for each layer. However, when I launch the application and attempt to do that, the visibility range doesn't change.

Originally some of the layers were published with a visible scale range applied, so I thought that was the issue. However I re-published the data with no visible scale range set, and the problem persists.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or have any idea why I might not have this capability, even though it's enabled in the app/layer settings?

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I am having the same issue. Did you find a cause or solution @tahunt01 ?

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I am also having this issue on ArcGIS Portal 10.8.1 using Web App Builder. The layers are map image layers and have preset scale extents set before they were published. How can I fix so that users can change scale in the web map?

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I'm also having this issue with  a portal web app. Did you find a solution?

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I was told that is a known issue with enterprise 10.8 and updating to 10.9 is the recommended solution.
We were able to Frankenstein the enterprise app JavaScript by replacing with the AGOL layerlist widget JavaScript as an interim solution, but it periodically gets “fixed” back to broken.

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