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Oriented Imagery Catalog - 360 Photo Feature Attachments

03-25-2022 10:54 AM
New Contributor III

I have 160 manhole features that currently have a 360 photo attachment that I am unable to open in a 360 viewer within a browser. If I were to create an OIC with the photos, my understanding is that it would create a new point feature class based on the photo XYZ metadata. The user would then need to click the OIC points in the web app to view the photos in the Oriented Imagery Viewer. Is there not a way to keep the relationship of the point feature and OIC point feature containing the photo? The ideal (and traditional) workflow would be to click on the manhole point feature in the map, a pop-up window displays, click on the photo attachment (it is recognized as a 360 photo) and have it open in the Oriented Imagery Viewer. for the user to explore.

Is this already possible?


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