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Unable to Edit Vertices in ArcGIS WebMapping Application

03-11-2024 03:31 PM
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I have a WebMap Application that is linked to a Webmap we use for collecting data in the field. Previously with this webmap we could take polygons in the field (through fieldmaps) and edit them via the webmap application. We used to be able to edit polygons by selecting their vertices and dragging those into new areas. We can no longer get the vertices to show up on polygons, instead when selecting them to edit we only see a dashed grey box that shows a resizable rectangle around the polygon. But this only changes the distortion of the whole polygon and doesnt allow just a single vertice to be moved.


I can still edit the polygon vertices via the Web Map, but this functionality doesnt carry over into the WebMap Application. Any advice would be appreciated. I have already checked and all the layers we wish to edit have the correct editing permissions in the base web map.

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