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02-12-2021 06:29 AM
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Good Morning Everyone,


I am trying to create a webapp that shows development over time in terms of population. EX 2025 pop growth, 2030 pop growth, etc. My end goal is to activate the time slider and see development over the course of time. 

They are in 5 year increments. and I have a feature class with all my data in it and I also have individual feature classes of each 5 year increment. I have two questions in regard to this:

My question is this: Do I need to configure all my time settings inside ArcPro and then upload it to web map and then create the webapp?

My second question is this: Should I be configuring my layer with all the data in it or should i be configuring each individual 5 year increment layer?  The attached picture shows how I have my attribute table set up with the layer that has all my population data in it.

Any tips for configuring time slider widget or on how to configure time data in Pro would be greatly appreciated!!

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