The infographic widget does not load on some computers

07-17-2020 08:33 AM
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I have a strange issue, I created a web app, and added few infographic widgets to it. When I want to run the app on my PC, and many other PCs, the whole app works perfectly on Chrome and Firefox.

Now the issue is on some of my clients' PCs, when they want to run the app, the whole app works and loads perfectly, but the infographics cannot be loaded. The allotted space for the infographic widgets is blank and empty. We have tested this on their Firefox and chrome, and didn't work on their PCs. However, interestingly, if they open the app with Microsoft Internet Explorer, it works perfectly. Does anyone know what would be the issue? I attached picture I compared what it should actually look like (left image) and how it is shown on my some other machines (right image)

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