Sophisticated editing using GP service

08-13-2015 05:16 AM
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One of our clients is interested in Adding a polygon to a target layer, using WebApp Builder with the next specifications:

1. Select graphically few polygons from another layer (e.g. parcels), using rectangle or polygon

2. Union all these polygons to one polygon

3. Check for overlapping with other polygons in the target layer. If there is an overlap, give an error message and don't accept it.

2. Open Attribute form, in which one of the fields is already populated with a value from a third layer that is spatially intersected with the parcels layer (i.e. this field contains the settlement name. This value will be taken from settlement layer underneath)

3. Enter the new polygon with its new attributes to the target layer

It looks like there is a need for both GP widget and Edit widget.

I was able to create a model that selects graphically few polygons from parcels layer, unions all these polygons and enters them to a target layer. I guess I can also extract the settlement name.

I don't know how to open the attribute form at the end of the union. I need to synchronize the GP widget and the Edit widget somehow.

Is there any other option to do that?

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